Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm a machine but I'm in need of a tune up.

I've had a very productive weekend thus far- I went to a fiber retreat yesterday and managed to finish three more skeins!  I'm now at 10 of 52, which means I'm back on schedule. 
Skein # 8 is my favorite from the challenge so far.  It's 228 yards/4 ounces of squishy goodness which I've named Pocket Money.  The original fiber was a smooth art batt from bohoknitterchic, content unknown.  I spun it as a lofty single then plied it with metallic copper thread.
Skein #9 is 130 yards of a merino/bamboo blend that Dory got me for my birthday last year:
And finally, skein #10, (which is actually three 40 yard skeins) is a romney roving over a cotton crochet thread core:
In other crafty news, we got a loom!  It's a 20" Schacht four-harness table loom, produced in hades by the king of all evil himself.

I can honestly say that getting started in the realm of weaving is an exercise in frustration.  Never before has a crafty pursuit made me feel more stupid or inadequate as the act of warping a loom.  It took two days, four people, five books, two websites and a lot of cursing before we actually managed to get the damn thing ready for weaving, and miraculously it did not result in us getting divorced or maiming each other.  Infinite thanks again to Dory for helping us understand the process and getting us up and running. 
(An aside to all people who might ever consider writing a "how to" on any subject- Complete instructions are appreciated and required for your reader to have any modicum of success.  Leaving out very important information like "cut the warp threads now" is simply not acceptable.)
Once the dangerous portion of the adventure in weaving was over we managed to do this:
It is just under 10 inches wide and has the potential to be 24 inches long if we did our math right.  We'll see how things turn out. 
That's all the craftiness I think I can handle for today, but hopefully I'll check in a bit sooner next time.