Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Witty Title I might think of at a later date]

 Skein #3 was a quick 2.3 oz batt which I spun up into a fairly uneven two ply to make fringe for my crazy train wrap.

Skein #4 was spun as a single of mottled purple (Fiber Optic Yarns "bramble" faux batik BFL) and a single of very deep blue (Fiber Optic Yarns "sapphire" faux batik BFL),
 plied together to make one fabulous yarn!

The colors are a lot more intense in person, but getting a good photo is almost impossible. 
Skein #5 is spun and plied, but still resting on a bobbin, and skein #6 is about halfway spun!  I'm impressed with my own fortitude thus far.  Please keep up the comments as they make me a happy spinner;)


  1. The top one looks exceptionally yummy in the photos.

    I'm making stalwart progress on your shawl!

  2. You're right about the plied photo (it looks muddy there). I'm imagining the purple looks wonderful in person!