Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star struck coincidence

So in my last post I mentioned going to the Knitting Guilds "I <3 Knitting" event on Thursday night.  Who knew I would end up with such a crazy tale of weird coincidence.
Allow me to set the scene for you, Sophia style.  Picture it.  Maryland Sheep & Wool 2010, Laura and I are getting in (a rather long) line at The Fold, and just ahead of us there is a curious guy wearing neon orange knitted hot pants.  I could not help myself.  I reached forward, tapped him on the shoulder, and when he turned around I told him he had the best pants at MDS&W.  He humbly thanked me, and offered me his card whilst saying, "Friend me on Ravelry."  That curious guy was the notorious Steven Ambrose of "Bitches Get Stitches" fame.  It is now important to note that I was at The Fold booth expressly to meet Kimber Baldwin of Fiber Optic Yarns, and tell her just how much I love her fabulous sense of color.  While there I found two braids of BFL fiber; one dyed in a vibrant purple and one in a really intense blue.  If you scroll back a few posts you can see the awesome finished skein I spun out of those two braids (#4). 
Fast forward to Thursday evening, where Steven was hired on to emcee the event.  He was just as charming and mirthful as he is on his blog, and a great time was had by all.  I had a rather large display of handspun yarns set up for people to ogle and pet, and towards the end of the evening Steven wandered over and began fondling skein #4 in a very appreciative way!  I struck up a conversation with him, and insisted he take the skein home with him.  That's right bitches, Steven Fuckin' Ambrose now has a skein of my handspun at home in his stash- the very skein that I spun from the fiber I was buying when I first met him nine months ago!  How's that for a freaky weird coincidence?
Incidentally, I spun skein #7 while at the event:


  1. omg! it was destiny!
    i love the skein so much.
    i promise to actually knit something with it,
    not just pet it till it felts.

  2. Fabu! I want pics of whatever you knit with it!

  3. I am in total awe of your spinning and your goal. A skein a week for a year! As someone who can't even manage a drop spindle, I bow to you.

    I love seeing how different the fiber looks spun from how I would imagine it would look just based on the dyeing.