Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contest Winner Announcement and an Update

I looked over all the comments for the skein contest and just couldn't decide so I used a random number generator:


Random numbers generated Jul 28 2011 at 17:56:54 by
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Which means that Tazja/Liz/SquidWidget is the winner!  How amusing that one chartreuse cephalopodian is sending non-chartreuse fibery goodness to another;)  PM me on rav with your mailing addy so I can ship out your prize!

On to the update: Very important things have happened!!!  My fabulous husband got me the bulky flyer for my spinning wheel!!!
This means I can try my hand at some artsy yarns that were beyond my capabilities before, and I can ply much longer continuous skeins now!  This is a very exciting development, as I hadn't planned on getting the flyer until x-mess:)  Dear husband, you are really quite awesome.  Thank you!
I spun this fluffy coreless corespun up as soon as I got the flyer installed on my wheel, then plied it with the remaining single from skeins 22 and 23:
Some of those tufts are easily an inch across!  This is officially skein #24^.

This next photo is way past due, as these are skeins #22 and #23, which were finished quite a while ago.  I really need to be updating more frequently:
Just under 600 yards of two ply DK weight merino, silk and firestar blend.  The pic is not very accurate color-wise as this yarn is a deeper emerald than it appears here.

This SW merino fluff is all spun up as a lace weight single right now, and will be the next yarn I ply with my new flyer!  The color is pretty close on this one.  I dyed this fiber myself a few months ago, and it turned out very pretty.

Last but not least, this awesomely bright merino/silk blend is what I'm currently working on:


  1. oooOOooo, I'm excited for that last yellow one!

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